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Private Psychiatrists & Psychologists
Harley Street London & Surrey
Our Private Psychiatrists London specialise in assesment and treatment for the full range of psychiatric disorders including Assessment, Diagnosis, Treatment plans, Psychological treatment, Counselling and prescribe Medications.

We offer Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) from experienced and highly qualified psychologists.

Our clinics are located at Harley Street London, Kingston Upon Thames Surrey Edgware Road London, Keats House London and Chobham Road,Woking, Surrey.

One in four people in the UK will experience some kind of mental health problem in the course of a year. Mixed Anxiety and Depression is the most common mental disorder in Britain. The common mental health problems we treat include;

Anxiety disorder which includes Phobias, generalized anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder,  Panic Disorder, Agoraphobias, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and post-Traumatic Disorder.

� Affective or Mood Disorder includes major Depression and Bipolar Affective Disorder.

� The main psychotic disorders are Schizophrenia, delusional disorder and schizoaffective disorder.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder, Eating Disorder and Sleep Disorders are some other disorders.

� Others are addiction to drugs and alcohol and personality disorders. Mental illness and  psychological disorders have good treatment options with medications, psychotherapy or other treatments.

LPC is a private organization for psychiatric assessment and treatment. Our psychiatrists practice at Harley Street, London, Kingston upon Thames and Woking, Surrey.  Our experts are recognized by most of private health insurance companies (BUPA, AXA, AVIVA, Norwich Union, Medisure, Remedi, BCWA and Standard Life etc.). Dr Amir Bashir, LPC�s senior consultant has 26 years' psychiatric experience and is a member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists (UK), Medical Defense Union, American Psychiatric Association (USA), European Psychiatric Association and World Psychiatric Association.
News and Events

This page is a new addition to our website. You will see news relevant to psychiatry, and how current events affect public's mental health.

Consulting rooms on a Sessional and Occasional basis available.

Job Vacancies

We are actively recruiting Consultant Child Psychiatrist, Clinical and Counselling Psychologists in London.
Please send us your CV if you:
�have at least 5 years post qualification experience
�have the flexibility, discipline and enthusiasm to work on a freelance basis
To apply please send your CV to admin@londonpsychiatricclinic.org

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Our Team

Mental health professionals working for us are highly qualified and experienced.We have psychiatrists who can provide consultation in Urdu/Hindi or Punjabi languages.
Medical Legal Work

We provide medicolegal services to solicitors and members of the public. Our Consultants are experienced in preparing expert witness reports in criminal and civil matters.
Occupational Health Services

We are able to provide advice to companies, occupational health staff and human resource managers as well as undertaking psychiatric assessments. The Clinic is able to customise its services to the needs of companies and other organisations. This site is listed under Disorders Directory



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