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Public Information from other Resources

Here are information for patients, carers and general public to download from various resources i.e. Royal College of Psychiatrists, Mind and Rethink.You can go to their websites directly by clicking on their names to see these and many other important information. However for your ease we have some of those leaflets to download. Please right click and then open in new window.


Download Depressio1.pdf

Depression at Work Place

Download Men  Depression lft.pdf

Men with Depression

Download Men  Depression lft.pdf

Depression in Learning Disability

Download DepressionLearningDisability.pdf

Depression in Elderly

Download DElderlyChi.pdf


Download Makingsenseofantidepressants2008.pdf

Antidepressants (Urdu)

Download Antidepressants-DoP-Urdu.pdf

Postnatal Depression

Download Understandingpostnataldepression2008.pdf

Postnatal Depression

Download PostDep.pdf


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